Agriculture saving water micro irrigation systems drip irrigation tape

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Drip Irrigation System


1. Easy to carry, easy to install.

2. Precise irrigation can be done through sprinkler irrigation.

3. Less water is used, water saving.

4. Implementation of corrective chemicals. fertilizers and creates a chance


Widely used in Greenhouse, Vegetable, Flowers, Tea garden, Fruite planting, Afforestation, Open field and other Commercial crop.

Drip Irrigation System


1. Easy to carry, easy to install.

2. Precise irrigation can be done through sprinkler irrigation.

3. Less water is used, water saving.

4. Implementation of corrective chemicals. fertilizers and creates a chance to minimize labor costs.

5. Plant growth accelerates, allows you to get more product.


1. Applied in the greenhouse, plains, fruit trees on the hillside, garden, grow seedlings flowers, grass, vegetables, etc

2. Suitable for large micro spray under watermelon film, vegetables, wheat, medicinal herbs, nursery stock, etc.

3. Apply to the golf course, open air agriculture