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Clear heavy duty 10 mil greenhouse plastic

10 mil greenhouse plastic

For more than 24 years, Henan Yinfeng Plastic has been a premier supplier of plastic sheeting for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Trusted among contractors, distributors, and consumers alike for innovative surface protection solutions, Henan Yinfeng Plastic provides industry-leading expertise and reliable supply. From plastic mulch to greenhouse covers, from mattress bags and other plastic bags to caution tape, from construction films to custom manufactured wrapping films, Henan Yinfeng Plastic is your smarter source for all things plastic and polyethylene.

Henan Yinfeng Greenhouse Plastic Specification:
Width: 1m-22m
Thickness: 0.8 mil – 10 mil

With UV for 2-3 years
Non-dripping film
Anti-fog film
MLLDPE enhancing film

10 mil greenhouse plastic